Ubisoft Education

Ubisoft Education

Ubisoft Education represents our commitment to share knowledge with talents of today and tomorrow. Ubisoft Blue Byte wants to support young talents early on, guiding them while becoming professionals in the games industry.

Our Ubisoft Education initiative expertly blends theory and practice as we collaborate with teaching institutes from schools to universities. Together we offer many insightful and exciting opportunities tailored towards pupils, students, teachers and career starters.

Ubisoft Gaming School
Academic Collaborations
Newcomer Support

Ubisoft Gaming School

Many are dreaming of a career in video games yet are unsure how to find their way into our exciting industry. Ubisoft Blue Byte happily lends the game creators of tomorrow a helping hand! The Ubisoft Gaming School is a four-day event for young people aged 14 to 17. Our experts guide participants to understand key elements of games production during workshops. Our young developers then form teams and put their ideas into practice, creating their own games.

We Go Campus

We are bringing our expertise directly to students and mentors, offering practical touchpoints and impulses to deepen their academic knowledge. This includes group projects like guest lectures, workshops or excursions as well as individual offerings like scholarships, internships, thesis advice and research support. Furthermore, we provide guidance to professors and faculties in planning and adapting their curricula to industry standards. Knowledge transfer goes both ways for us: To benefit the professional development of our teams, we are always interested in academic guest lectures in our studios.

Newcomer Award

The first steps are always the hardest – this also applies to those trying to enter the games industry. Here is where our initiatives aimed at newcomers come into play. Our two prestigious Newcomer Awards for the best games developed by students and start-ups are integral parts of the annual German Developer Awards. The winning teams will be able to kick-start their careers with the help of expert workshops at our studios, membership in an accelerator program and more. Have we sparked your interest? Get in touch with us regarding questions and feedback.

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