Indie Camp

Indie Camp

Indie Camp

We strongly believe that innovation thrives in environments that allow different ideas to connect. Our Indie Camp is the unique opportunity for indie studios to become part of Ubisoft’s German acceleration program. We invite game development studios to collaboratively create a sustainable and supportive industry ecosystem with us. If you are a small to medium-sized Indie Studio, you can apply with your game once a year during our submission phase. Together, we will enrich the global market with even more innovative games made in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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Indie Camp Winners & Nominees


WINNER: Unsteakables by Anteater Games

Help your cuddly friends by shooting brussel’s sprouts, chili sauce and worse. Fight of hungry invaders who are out to eat you and your friends!


WINNER: Toukana Interactive

Toukana Interactive is based in Berlin and was founded by four former game design students, who jointly worked on several projects before. Their game Dorfromantik is a peaceful building strategy puzzle game where you create a beautiful and ever-growing village landscape by placing tiles.


NOMINEE: Hanging Gardens Interactive

Hanging Gardens Interactive based in Stuttgart was founded by two friends who’ve known each other since preschool. All about harmony is also their music-bazed puzzle game Sonority that invites the players to explore increasingly difficult puzzles along with the protagonist Esther.


NOMINEE: Stelex Software

Stelex Software is a small husband-and-wife(-and-daughter) game studio based in Maggia TI, Switzerland. Monorail Stories is a minimalistic adventure game that shows how things we experience everyday often go unnoticed as well as their impact on another person’s life. But with a little twist, it can become something very special.

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    Questions & Answers


    What is the Indie Camp?

    The Indie Camp is part of our Ubisoft Entrepreneurs initiative and is an acceleration program for small to medium-sized independent development studios based in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

    Why does Ubisoft start this initiative for indies?

    We strongly believe that innovation comes from creating environments where ideas can connect. We want to ensure the creation of a sustainable and beneficial ecosystem for videogame developers of all sizes in the GSA region.

    What is the difference between Ubisoft Entrepreneurs and Ubisoft Education?

    Ubisoft Education supports young talents by guiding them on their way to become professionals in the games industry and to offer many insightful and exciting opportunities tailored towards pupils, students, teachers and career starters. Ubisoft Entrepreneurs initiates and promotes the comprehensive acceleration of video game startups and indies in Germany, being the next step in the professional games environment.

    Who is in the jury?

    The jury contains of Ubisoft experts from different departments as well as some external partners.

    Who is Ubisoft partnering up with for this initiative?

    We are working closely with our partner Super Crowd Entertainment, who are responsible for the Indie Arena Booth.

    How does the Indie Camp differ from the Newcomer Award?

    While the Newcomer Award as part of the German Developer’s award is aimed specifically at student groups and/or very young startups to help them into the industry, the Indie Camp puts established indie developers into focus to help them elevate their business.

    What’s the difference between the Indie Camp and the Indie Series in Canada?

    Both initiatives aim to help the local ecosystem to grow and mature. The difference derives from being tailored to the local needs and possibilities.

    Who is responsible for this initiative?

    If you have any questions regarding the initiative, please reach out to Mai-Vy Thach.


    How can I participate?

    If your company is eligible, please submit all the information asked in the submission form.

    How will the winning team be determined?

    We established a two-step jury process. In the first step, an expert jury evaluates the submitted games. Using a scoring system, the nominees are determined. The next step is pitching sessions with a bigger focus on the company and people behind the games. The winner team will then be announced during an award ceremony.

    Can I still participate if I have more than 10 employees?

    As per the competition rules, studio with more than 10 employees are not eligible.

    Can I still participate if I won the Newcomer Award?


    I already have a publisher. Does winning the Indie Camp take any effect on that?


    Winning Team

    How many teams can win the Indie Camp?

    One team will be eligible to participate in the acceleration program per year.

    Will the winning team be published by Ubisoft?

    Publishing deals are currently not in the Indie Camp scope.

    Does Ubisoft get any rights on the games of the winning team?

    All rights on the games remain with the independent development team.

    If I win, do I have to sign a contract with Ubisoft?



    How is Ubisoft going to support the indie teams?

    The winning team will participate in mentoring sessions and will get marketing support e.g. a small booth at Indie Arena Booth during gamescom in that year. Additionally, part of the win will be playtests worth 3.500,- €.

    What do I gain from winning the Indie Camp?

    The Indie Camp winners get exclusive access to expertise and knowledge from Ubisoft employees as well as marketing and playtest options.

    What is the duration of Ubisoft’s support?

    We want to build strong and long-term relationships to local indies so we’re very keen on staying in contact and finding ways to support each other.

    Can we visit the studios and/or talk to Ubisoft employees during the mentorings?

    We strongly encourage the winning team to talk to our colleagues during the mentoring sessions in one of our studios and would love to invite you!

    Is Ubisoft going to pay for my expenses?

    Travel expenses for the pitch event and for the mentoring sessions will be covered by Ubisoft.

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    Public Affairs Specialist

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