Ubisoft Gaming School

Ubisoft Gaming School

Ubisoft Gaming School

Many are dreaming of a career in video games yet are unsure how to find their way into our exciting industry. Ubisoft Blue Byte happily lends the game creators of tomorrow a helping hand! The Ubisoft Gaming School is a five-day event for pupils aged 14 to 17. Our experts guide the participants to understand key elements of games production during workshops. Our young developers then form teams and put their ideas into practice, creating their own games.

Whenever a Ubisoft Gaming School is scheduled, the date is announced on our website and social media channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ubisoft Gaming School

What is Ubisoft Gaming School?

The Ubisoft Gaming School is a five-day project week for pupils aged 14-17. Our colleagues from the development department act as mentors, teaching the participants everything they need to know about creating games. In the course of the Ubisoft Gaming School, groups develop their own games, which can be presented to their parents on the last day.

In which language does the Ubisoft Gaming School take place?

The language of our project week is English and/or German. This depends on the participating employees. In any case, there will be a German-speaking contact person who will be there for the participants during the entire time.

Do I need prior knowledge in video game development to participate in the Ubisoft Gaming School?

No, you don’t need any previous experience to participate. Our project week is geared towards participants who have never created a game before.

How can I apply for the Ubisoft Gaming School?

The application process is done through our website. All information and forms will be available here as soon as we are ready. We are not able to accept e-mail requests regarding this or maintain a waiting list.

When will the next Ubisoft Gaming School take place?

As soon as a Ubisoft Gaming School takes place, we share this news on all our social media channels and the website. We usually host our project weeks in the school holidays (Easter holidays or autumn holidays).

What should I pay special attention to when applying for the Ubisoft Gaming School?

Participants as well as their parents/guardians must sign our non-disclosure agreement and a consent to make and publish photo and video material.

When does the Ubisoft Gaming School take place?

The dates for the next Ubisoft Gaming School will be announced in time on our website and through our social media channels.

Where does the Ubisoft Gaming School take place?

The Ubisoft Gaming School can potentially take place at any of our studios (Ubisoft Düsseldorf, Ubisoft Mainz, Ubisoft Berlin). Where the next UGS will be held will be announced early.

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