Ubisoft Lecture Series

Ubisoft Lecture Series

Ubisoft Lecture Series

To share our expertise with gaming students and support future talents with further developing their knowledge we are offering regular educational lectures via Twitch. The sessions consist of a 1-hour lecture on a certain dev topic following another hour of Q&A to clarify the presented content and answer questions from the chat. Every aspect of game development and working in a AAA studio can potentially be the subject of a lecture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the lectures?

The lectures are accessible to everyone on Twitch.

Who is the target group?

Our target group is primarily students on gaming-related courses. Therefore, we also try to adapt the level of our instructive lectures to this target group.

What topics are covered in the lectures?

In principle, all areas of direct game development as well as related disciplines such as marketing etc. are possible. The topics for the individual lectures will be announced in good time with the date.

Do I have the opportunity to ask questions?

Each lecture will be followed by a Q&A for which questions can be posted in the chat.

Will the lectures be available as VOD?

Yes, the lectures will all be made available as VOD on our Twitch channel.

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