Schools & Pupils

Schools & Pupils

Video games are more than ``just`` entertainment because every game involves contributions from countless experts as well as complex and often innovative technologies.

That's why it's important to discover talented young people at an early stage and show them the possibilities of a career in the games industry.

We are pleased that more and more young people are considering a career in video game development and that we can help to give them their first insights into this fascinating industry.

Girls’ Day

Girls’ Day

Girls’ Day, a German-wide job orientation day for girls takes place once a year and we are proud to support this initiative. To provide young people with effective job orientation free of any gender stereotypes, we are opening our doors and give girls an insight into the world of video game development.

Play to Learn

As part of the ``Ubisoft Play to Learn`` program, we provide cultural and educational institutions with free access to selected Ubisoft PC games that offer learning content in the subjects of history, geography, science, and technology. The games can be used in the classroom or for other educational purposes.

Play to Learn

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Ubisoft's Future Talent Empowerment in relation to pupils and schools?

With our initiatives, we help to motivate and educate the next generation of talent in the games industry. More and more children and young people want to work in the games sector and are looking forward to gaining an initial insight into the industry and information on how to get into it.

What activities are on offer?

Currently, the portfolio for students and schools primarily includes our participation in Girls’ Day and the Play to Learn program. Further information can be found on the subpages.

Is it possible to start individual cooperations with Ubisoft?

Theoretically, it is possible to request individual cooperations via the email address However, as our capacities are very limited, we ask for your understanding if we are unable to support you with your project.

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