Indie Camp 2021: Interview Hanging Gardens Interactive

The next edition of the Indie Camp is right around the corner so it’s time to light up the fire pitch again! Oh, you’re curious about our last trip? Worry not, our last participants are happy to share some insights!

1. The first Indie Camp – What a ride! How did you enjoy your trip with Ubisoft?

It was incredibly valuable to us to gather the opinions of industry veterans on our game, our way to convey it to third parties and our core mechanic. The excitement and potential of the awards stream was an absolute blast.

2. What did you expect when you first applied?

Nothing really, just an opportunity to get the word out for Sonority. We got way more out of it than we expected and are glad we applied.

Ralf Neubauer – Producer

3. What would have winning meant for your game and company?

The opportunity to finally work together again after Covid took that away from us, would’ve been amazing. Especially working so close to Ubisoft employees could have helped us merge the energy and rich ideas of an indie project with the consummate professionalism of an experienced AAA company.

4. How did things change for you in the meantime? Anything you’re looking forward to?

Since then we have been working hard to push Sonority to be ready for its release early 2022, our new demo even has the first finished VO implemented.

5. And lastly: Do you have any advice for indies who’d like to apply to the next Indie Camp edition?

It’s a cool experience and great way to meet other developers. The application process and follow-up questions/requests are time consuming but interesting and thought provoking along the way.  If you have some spare hours, just shoot your shot.

More information about Sonority here.