Anno 1800’s Tourist Season DLC is Available Now

Starting today, Anno 1800 players can experience Tourist Season, the second DLC of Anno 1800’s third season. With this new content, players can try their hand at building a bustling tourist hotspot with new buildings, public transportation, a brand new monument, and more.

Newly arrived tourists will find luxurious accommodations in new hotels; alongside bars, cafes and restaurants that provide benefits to nearby citizens based on the dishes served. Players can choose what food to serve based on their cities’ produced goods, with each selection offering benefits for tourists and regular citizens alike. After enjoying delicious these dishes, the tourists must brace themselves for a visit to the Iron Tower, an enormous new monument inspired by one of the world’s most famous landmarks.

All touristic amenities and sights of the cities will be conveniently accessible thanks to the new bus system, which can be used to connect cultural sites such as museums or zoos. You can find all the details regarding the bus system in the dedicated blogpost.

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Finally, Tourist Season will introduce new production chains for the Chemical Plant and modular Orchards. Both buildings can be configured to introduce different goods, adding another layer of challenge and flexibility.

Accompanying the release of Tourist Season, Anno 1800 is publishing a free Game Update which allows players to:

  • Regrow trees in previously deforested areas
  • Slow down the game’s speed by 50%
  • Edit their player profile during a game
  • Introduce updated ground plates for ornaments
  • Create a queue for the Research Institute
  • Send money to other players in multiplayer

Anno 1800 is available on Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games store for Windows PC. “Tourist Season” can be purchased for $8.99 or as part of the Season 3 Pass for $19.99.

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