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Leveraging our influence to benefit game creators in Germany


We are more than just excellent game developers

We are also proud industry ambassadors and play an active part within local game development communities at our three studio locations and across Germany.

Ubisoft Blue Byte and its three German development studios act as trendsetters with global renown and relevance. The role of an industry leader entails responsibilities and leverage, both of which we employ to establish Germany as the home of a vibrant games industry. To this aim, we rely on effective collaborations. We are an influential point of contact for political institutions on a regional and federal level, engaging in fruitful dialogue with decision makers.

In addition, we are an active member of business associations across the country as well as a trusted partner to regional game developer communities. We know that to create a sustainable video games ecosystem in Germany, we need to share our knowledge with future talents. To this aim, Ubisoft Blue Byte cooperates with a growing network of schools and universities, offers mentoring programs and sponsors local game developer events.

Ubisoft Blue Byte is proud to be member of the following
associations, charities and local game student networks:

game e.V.

game Rheinland-Pfalz

Games.nrw e.V.

media:net berlinbrandenburg

Digitale Stadt Düsseldorf

IT Klub Mainz & Rheinhessen e.V.

Gutenberg Digital Hub e.V.

Gaming Aid e.V.

Acagamics e.V. Magdeburg

Promoting diversity is an important topic very dear to our hearts. We strongly believe that diversity is one of our key strengths, which is why we are signatories of the Charta der Vielfalt e.V. (Charta of Diversity)

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