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As one of the largest employers in the German games industry, we consider ourselves as ambassadors for the local digital games industry. We are happy to pass on our experience as trendsetter and international player to support Germany as a location for a strong games ecosystem. We are a point of contact for regional and nationwide institutions to explain game development and to engage in dialogue with decision-makers. How does the ecosystem and digital games development work? Which job profiles are involved, which qualifications are needed? We give insights into the game development process.

We are a member of industry associations and actively involved in the games development community. We know that promoting young talent is essential for the sustainable growth of the ecosystem. Therefore, Ubisoft Blue Byte cooperates with a comprehensive network of educational institutions, offering mentoring programs and supporting many game development events.

Ubisoft Blue Byte is proud to be member of the following
associations, charities and local game student networks:

game e.V.

game Rheinland-Pfalz

Games.nrw e.V.

media:net berlinbrandenburg

Digitale Stadt Düsseldorf

IT Klub Mainz & Rheinhessen e.V.

Gutenberg Digital Hub e.V.

Gaming Aid e.V.

Acagamics e.V. Magdeburg

Promoting diversity is an important topic very dear to our hearts. We strongly believe that diversity is one of our key strengths, which is why we are signatories of the Charta der Vielfalt e.V. (Charta of Diversity)

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