Anno 1800’s Season 4 Grand Final: New World Rising is available now!

Starting today, Anno 1800 players can experience the industrial and economic boom of the New World firsthand and discover a new population tier, as well as additional islands that allow you to expand your empire further, in New World Rising, the grand final DLC of Anno 1800’s fourth season. At the same time the new Cosmetic DLC Old Town Pack will release, in which players can re-discover the more medieval roots of your cities from previous Anno games.

“Players can use more building space in New World session and discover Mānola: the largest island in New World which comes with a unique questline to build a Water Dam that produces electricity. They also can discover Artistas the new and third tier in the New World that are highly demanding and bringing electricity and many new production chains to the New World. Finally, players can take advantage of new buildings, further enhance their cities safety with the emergency services building upgrades and build the brand-new monument: the Grand Stadium that can host football tournaments.

The all-new scenario mission “Pride and Peddlers” will have players play as Madame Kahina and learn more about her past. This mission will test their trading and export expertise, shift market trend and allow them to save New World’s most renowned relics and find other lost treasures in the southern sea.

Accompanying the release of New World Rising, Anno 1800 is publishing a free Game Update which offers players quality of life improvements such as multi-move feature, a reworking of the construction menu and an increase of New World map pool.

Anno 1800 is available on Windows PC via the Ubisoft Store, the Epic Games Store and Steam. Players can also subscribe to Ubisoft+ and enjoy all Season Pass content on Anno 1800 Day 1. New World Rising can be purchased for 14.99 euros, or as part of the Season 4 Pass for 24.99 euros, saving 10 euros/dollars on the total price of individual DLCs. However, Old Town Pack as a cosmetic pack is not included in Season 4 Pass. Old Town Pack is not part of Season Pass 4 and can be purchased as a standalone for 4.99 euros.

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